How To Make Your Carpet Last Twenty Years! Or More!

Did you know that a quality carpet can easily last twenty years or more? And still look good?

There are three main reasons people are forced to replace their carpet sooner than need be.

1. Not cleaning the carpet:

Have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly. Cleaning will remove the soils that grind away at your carpet’s fibers and wears them out prematurely. Cleaning frequencies may range from several times per year for a heavily used family room to once every several years for a dining room or spare bedroom that is rarely used. The old wives tale of  “don’t clean your carpets, they’ll get dirtier faster”  is simply not true.

Have protectant reapplied after the cleaning. This will reinforce the original protectant the carpet came with and help protect against permanent stains. More soil will be removed when you vacuum.

DuPont, which makes much of the raw material that carpet is made of, did a study in which they found carpet that was cleaned and protected every year lasted at least three times longer then carpet that was never cleaned! Carpet that is never cleaned has a lifespan of about seven years before it “uglies” out and needs to be replaced. My own home is proof of this. My carpet is twenty two years old, has been cleaned and protected at least once every year and still looks great! No spots, no dingy traffic lanes (just a hint of one in the hallway leading to the bedrooms).

2. Wearing street shoes in the house:

Wearing your street shoes in your home will definitely wear your carpet out faster, not to mention all the gross stuff you’ll track in on the soles of your shoes. If you must wear something on your feet inside your home, keep a pair of house slippers by the door so you can slip into them right away.

3. Not purchasing a quality carpet:

Finally, like everything else, you get get you pay for when purchasing carpet. A higher priced carpet will be denser and able to withstand more foot traffic before becoming matted down. It will have a more advanced stain resistant coating that will repel spills better. It will look better far longer than a cheaper carpet.

So there you have it, three simple things that will delay the expense and hassle of replacing carpet for many years!